Maison Biltmore
Maison Biltmore
Maison Biltmore was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal!!

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Washingtonians John and Linda Quigg spent around $200,000 to turn this 107-year-old house near the city's embassy district into an eclectic event space. The Quiggs bought the home in 1998 for $520,000, but repair and renovation costs were high. So when they realized there was a shortage of intimate and unconventional party venues in Washington, the Quiggs created a small ballroom that can double as a conference space, with exposed brick walls, LED lighting and a robust sound system.

Maison Biltmore is a unique venue in the Washington DC market capable of hosting a business meeting, corporate retreat, wedding, or a cocktail event for upwards of 200 people. With an intimate conference space and ballroom as well as smaller meeting and sidebar rooms this is the perfect location for you and your guests to get to know each other and actually enjoy a social gathering or business meeting that is different than the normal bland hotel ballroom experience. 

This is THE location in the District to impress your guests and get to know them in the elegance of a grand and historical Washington gem. Modern amenities and a large outdoor space mean that your guests can continue to meet productively as they gather away from the actual event to produce a one-of-a-kind meeting that takes a gathering from just a group of people assembled in one place to the next level. Transform your next event and hold it at the Maison Biltmore.

Located in Washington's Embassy District, it is easily accessed by foot, metro, bus, car, or 24/7 taxi service. Contact 202 689 4406 or email for reservations and other information
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